30 Famous Brand Names You’re Probably Pronouncing Wrong

30 Famous Brand Names You’re Probably Pronouncing Wrong

Can having a difficult-to-pronounce brand name actually put a company at a disadvantage?

It might.

According Daniel M. Oppenheimer, a psychology professor at UCLA Anderson School of Management, harder-to-pronounce names made people less likely to purchase stocks, and politicians with difficult names had more trouble in polls.

Why? Because people associate easy to process information — clear, simple language — with positive qualities such as confidence, intelligence, and capability.

Consider this: Greek yogurt company Fage was selling its product in the U.S. nine years before competitor Chobani appeared. As this article in Advertising Age explains, there were multiple reasons for the brand’s failure to become the category leader. However, one has to wonder if the confusion surrounding the pronunciation of Fage had anything to do with it, especially considering the fact that Fage’s packaging provides directions on how to pronounce its name. (It’s pronounced fa-yeh, in case you’ve been trying to work it out.)

How have other brands with baffling pronunciations faired when it comes to their success? The below infographic from Made by Oomph! provides a detailed guide to the common incorrect pronunciations of famous brand names and the right way to say them. Check it out to determine your level of pronunciation mastery.



Source: Jami Oetting

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