If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough

– Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

MISSION: Our mission is to simplify the exchange of values

VISION: The Development of Innovative e-Commerce Services at International Level

VALUE: Best e-Commerce Marketing Services Software Assisted


2001-2009: Protocol was founded in 2001 by Panos Katerziadis and Konstantinos Bakopoulos. Its exclusive activity was and remains the online promotion of businesses.

2010-2016: Protocol evolves into a Performance Marketing Agency. Special emphasis is placed on Performance Marketing and general customer performance in terms of Web Traffic, Leads & Sales. A significant amount of time and capital are invested in the development of Bidding Optimization & Audience Analytics applications, resulting in an increase in performance of digital marketing actions.

+2019: e-Commerce & Exports Marketing are the main areas of action for Protocol and its customers. Improving B2C e-Commerce & B2B International Leads performance, helps customers and partners distinguish themselves and stand out.


Top Performance: To achieve, at minimum, a double-digit improvement of KPIs in all months from the first year of cooperation! Goals are determined from the beginning of the cooperation and in consultation with customers.

Premium Customer Experience: The fastest response possible combined with complete information on performance, competition and market trends. Information is given every month in person on pre-agreed date & time.

Innovative Solutions: The continuous investment in the development of innovative software over the past 8 years aims and results to the growing support of Digital Marketing services, particularly concerning e-Commerce!

Long-Term Partnerships: Our 19-year experience has taught us that long-term partnerships based on mutual benefit are a main prerequisite for prosperity. Our policy is determined by the relationship with our partners and customers.


19 Years Digital Marketing Experience

Our exclusive objective since the establishment of Protocol in 2001 has been the online promotion of businesses! This allows us to recognize opportunities and needs in no time…

Development of Custom-made Optimization Software

The software of analysis and multiple advertising parameters customization according to the objectives of customers and competitors ‘ actions results in the maximization of benefit in the shortest time possible.

Since 2016, Protocol Digital Marketing has earned the Premier Google Partner badge certifying its expertise in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Digital Sales & Mobile Development

Experience in e-Commerce Marketing

Our experience in promoting online stores along with the application of the specific optimization software allows us to achieve high rates of returns on e-commerce investments!

Experience in Analysis & Evaluation of Export Opportunities

Our experience in promoting websites along with the use of analysis and evaluation applications allows us to achieve high rates of returns on investments related to targeted global marketing.

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