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– Mari Smith


Online or in-store Shopping Preference for Selected Product Categories by Consumers Worldwide as of 2017

This statistic presents the online or in-store shopping preference for selected product categories by consumers worldwide as of 2017. During the survey period, 60 percent of respondents stated that they preferred to purchase books, movies, and video games online. The 3 biggest online stores’ revenue amounted to almost 100 billion US dollars in 2017.  


Preferred Online Shopping Device According to Global Cross-Border Online Shoppers as of October 2017

This statistic presents a ranking of the preferred online shopping devices according to global cross-border online shoppers as of October 2017. During the survey period, 34 percent of respondents stated that their laptop was their preferred device when placing an online shopping order.    


Online Shopping Locations that Shoppers Worldwide Prefer to Shop at for First-Time and Repeat Purchases as of May 2018

This statistic presents the online shopping locations that shoppers worldwide prefer to shop at for first-time and repeat purchases. During the May 2018 survey, 50 percent of respondents stated that they preferred to make first-time purchases at a retailer, whereas 47 percent of repeat buyers preferred online marketplaces.


Online Shopping Frequency According to Online Shoppers Worldwide as of October 2018

This statistic presents the online shopping frequency according to online shoppers worldwide as of October 2018. During the survey period, 20 percent of online shoppers worldwide stated that they purchased physical goods online on a weekly basis.  


Global Markets With the Highest Online Shopping Penetration Rate as of 2nd Quarter 2017

The figure shows the global markets with the highest online shopping penetration rate as of the second quarter of 2017. During the survey period, it was found that 81 percent of the online population in Germany had bought a product online during the last month. As of the second quarter of 2017, the average value of…


Digital Buyer Penetration Worldwide From 2016 to 2021

This statistic gives information on the digital buyer penetration worldwide from 2016 to 2021. In 2016, 58.3 percent of global internet users had purchased products online. In 2019, this figure is expected to grow to 63 percent. With digital buyer penetration expected to surpass 65 percent of internet users worldwide in 2021, the e-commerce industry…


Share of Internet Users Who Have Purchased Selected Products Online in the Past 12 Months as of 2018

As of 2018, 57 percent of global internet users had purchased fashion-related products through the internet, making apparel the most popular online shopping category worldwide. Footwear was ranked second with a 47 percent online purchase reach. Online shopping There were a total of 258.9 million digital buyers in the United States in 2018. This figure is…