“A traveller without knowledge is a bird without wings”

– Sa’ di, Gulistan

Information regarding the market trends and the response to promotional actions, aiming to design a more effective well-based online strategy. Essentially, the marketing goals are “translated” into specific actions, while offering optimization proposals.

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Consulting Services

• Digital Media Channels (Organic search, paid search, social, newsletter, referral, Display)

e-Commerce Analysis

• Audience Analysis (e.g demographics, interests, ect…)

• Devices Analysis (Mobile, Tablets, Desktop)

Product Performance Analysis

• Landing Pages Evaluation

• Campaign Analysis

• Ad Group Analysis

• Advertising Tactics (Branding, Competitive, Remarketing, Followers, etc…)

• Advertising Messages (text, video, banner, style, etc…)

Real Time Forecast (Adwords Conversions)

Competition Analysis (Visits, Traffic Sources, Demographics, KPI’s)

• Web Site Overview (Speed Mob. & Desktop, UX Mob., Top Landing Pages KPI’s)

• Keyword Efficiency Index Analysis

• On Page SEO Analysis (crawling, indexability, content, Internal links, Broken links, http status codes, seo friendly URL, meta-data titles, descriptions,etc)

• Full Online Ranking Report (Visibility, Keywords, Competitors)

• Link popularity analysis

• Social media marketing analysis

• Monthly Meeting

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