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Have you ever wondered about these?

What is “PPC marketing? | Since nobody “clicks” on advertisements, why do they exist? | Why do they use the advertising method “pay-per-click”? | Which enterprises should be advertised on the internet and why? | How do they work Google AdWords? | Why do people clikc on AdWords advertisements? | Why does the advertisement on Facebook has lower clikc-through rate than Google advertisement? | Why does a Paid Advertisements in Search Engines has a higher CTR than advertisments with Banner? | Why does the PPC of Google is bigger than the one of Bing/ Yahoo? | How much does it cost and Advertisement on Google AdWords?

We are able to:

Select the Strategy according to which your advertising Campaigns will be launched. With the creation of the account we will determine the campaigns and we will create the appropriate Ad Groups.

We select the Key-Words through Analytical Research: whether you already run a pay-per-click campaing on the Internet or not, we will effectuate a Research for the Key-Words, since this is the best way to make sure that the campaigns will include the most appropriate Key-Words.

Help with the Creative: Our pay-per-click management includes, if applicable, the competititve, effective and creative writing and development of the publicity texts (titles and descriptions). Using our best practices, we will create publicity texts to draw the attention of people interested in your products/ services, thanks to the attractive content that highlights the unique advantages in relation to the competitors’ or any special offers. Advertisements shall take the users to related landing pages in the webpage, so as to maximise the click through rate and the conversion rates.

Identify Landing Pages delivering the desirable result: we determine the best possible destination or we recommend improvements so as to facilitate the effectuation of the desirable action on the user’s website.

Monitor the statistics of the campaign: We collaborate with your personnel for the creation of codes aiming to the Analytical Monitoring of the statistics of depreciation of your advertising (pay-per-click) campaing.

Submit the Advertisements: Upload and Submit for approval to the competent authorities of the search engines, all the Key-Words and any Advertising Messages Related to them.

Make the PPC Account Settings: We will define and monitor the numerous settings of the account, such as: Maximum Daily Cost, Type of Key-Words, Geographic Specifications and other actions so as to maximise the achievement of your commercial objectives.

Make PPC bid Management and ROI Monitoring: We will monitor and define the cost-per-click (CPC) for the coverage of the post that will produce the best results for each ad group or Key-Word, so as to fit with the anticipated commercial objectives. CPC bid refers to the amounts you intend to pay for each click on your advertisement when it appears on the search network of Google or the partner sites of Google.

Adapt the PPC Optimization Tool so as to optimize the CPA: it is High-Tech which controls the competition, the bids and other 17 parameters, 48 times per day. Imagine that you will reduce your advertising costs by half or even more – call us for further details!

Provide Monthly PPC Analysis: At the end of each month we carry out analysis of the Account performance, which includes: Impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPC, CPA, Conversions, View Through, Click Assisted, Keyworks, Topics, Audiences, Placements, Keywords, Banners etc. We create a written report and afterwards we proceed to a teleconference so as to discuss the strategies followed the previous month and decide on further steps.

We evaluate and Present Proposals on the Advertising Campaign: We will propose and implement improvements on the advertising campaign, which include, among others, changes of the publicity texts (titles/ descriptions), changes of the Key-Words for improvement of the Quality Score, change of bids, etc.

Provide Constructive Control and Optimisation: We will implement periodic tests with the creation of new advertising messages and we will adopt changes with the appropriate call to action to the users.


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