Search Engine Optimization

“There is an old saying in Spain To be a bullfighter, you must first learn to be a bull”

– Anonymous

Search Engine Optimization is about applying ideas and technical improvements so that your website can match the ranking required for specific keywords to serve in attracting more visitors. It also serves as a way to energize your company’s public image and reputation, as well as increasing brand awareness to your benefit.

SEO Services

Keyword Research & Selection

Website’s Rankings

On-Site SEO Analysis

Landing Pages Optimization

Backlinks Monitoring

Blog Optimisations

Content Creation

Link Building

Link Monitoring

SEO Reporting


Why choose Protocol Digital Marketing?

• Protocol has extensive experience with managing SEO projects ranging from large blogs to full-blown enterprise portals.

• Over the years we have run more than one hundred SEO projects for an almost equal amount of customers.

• We have manages to put more than 1000 keywords in Google’s SERP, attracting visitors for our customers.

• We assemble teams of at least three specialized professionals to handle each project, all of them available at any time to provide you with answers and results.

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