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Realizing the Potential of Mobile Measurement

As the future of marketing is increasingly focused on mobile, brands need to rethink their traditional approach to measurement. We partnered with Bain & Company and Econsultancy to explore how leading marketers—marketers who exceed their business goals—are driving growth.  

How to measure the ROI of social media campaigns

What’s the best way to measure Return on Investment when planning social media campaigns? How can you justify the time and the budget spent on them? Ever since social networks showed up in our lives, there has been an ongoing discussion among marketing teams surrounding whether social media is worth the time and effort invested into it. Many…

The Path to Better Measurement: Analytics and Attribution

Analytics help you understand your customers’ experience. Attribution informs your marketing mix. For brands with multiple digital and offline marketing channels as well as cross-device campaigns and purchase paths, it’s not about choosing one capability over the other; it’s about both working together. Data is a game changer. But at face value, it’s just data.…