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Why YouTube Stars Are More Influential Than Traditional Celebrities

For millennials who spend a lot of time watching online video, YouTube creators are more influential than traditional celebrities. Here, we unpack how the influence of YouTube stars compares to the influence of stars of TV, film, sports, music, and more. Ask a Quote for Online Advertising

Evolution of TV: Measuring TV and Video Audiences Across All Screens

As TV viewership shifts online to over-the-top services and connected devices, audience measurement models need to evolve. In our latest Evolution of TV article, we explore how combining TV panel-based ratings with digital census-based data will enable marketers to understand an ad’s effectiveness in detail. In households across the U.S., families still may gather to…

Second-Screen Searches: Crucial I-Want-to-Know Moments for Brands

Forget the remote; smartphones are becoming the essential TV-watching companion. People are using their second screens to search for info about what they’re watching—commercials included. These ‘I-want-to-know’ moments are a chance for brands to be present, relevant, and to gain insights These micro-moments, when people search Google to get answers, happen constantly, even while people are…